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                                             Solving the Musician’s Problem

By Glenroy Bramble:

If you ask most musicians if they have a recording of any of their music they will always drop their heads and tell you that they do not. It is a shame that so many talented people have no record of the work that they spent countless hours to hone and perfect. The reasons could be that they have not been able to get together with other musicians in a studio that can give them a decent recording, or that they cannot afford to pay the hourly rate of a larger studio project. Most musical ideas need to be worked out before the recording stage and that process can be long and difficult because it takes collaborating and scheduling can become a problem when everyone has commitments and may not always have the time to donate. Paying others to help you in the development process can be costly. Getting a recording outside a studio will not get you a quality product; a recording with an IPhone or Zoom will not do the job. A proper place has to be where you can set up instruments and everyone can sit around without having to worry about time and money. You have to be able to play back what you do and have the ability to listen to it again and share it at another time. An electronic studio can be used but it is not the same without live drums. Nothing works better than everyone sitting around playing and coming up with riffs that bounce off each other. When musicians are comfortable and happy, that is when the magic happens. Let’s start with a musician that has an idea, they have played it with maybe one or two other musician, or a singer that has some lyrics and want to put some music to it, what can they do? They will have to find others to play with, maybe to expand on what they are doing or just maybe to finally fulfill what they hear in their head or put on paper. Finding others to play with can be difficult when you don’t know many other musicians. Having a recording, that you don’t have to make excuses about can be very difficult. So let us move on to the point where you finally have a decent recording, how do you find someone to listen to it? Besides family and your circle of friends, no one else is going to your Social Media page or website. Finding time to market your talents without going out and doing some serious networking or gigging is tough when you have to work full time or have other commitments. Some Solutions

1: A place where musicians can get together and play with each other, where live instruments can be recorded and edited. Not having to worry about time or money. To have a network of musicians and writers that can help in formulating a project, would free up and shorten the creative process. Jamming with other musicians in a shared space will bring forward ideas that are spontaneous and exciting. Collaboration is the key. The ability to have immediate playback and access to music files, can also be helpful in fine tuning a spontaneous riff or phrase. Hearing the criticism of people that you respect can also help. Sharing would be automatic, because all participants would have access to all content.

\2: A shared website where all the network musicians would showcase their talents, they would have a page with their Bio, pictures, contact information and all of their music that was done with the network. A visitor to the site would not just look for their content but will search for others in the network which will increase everyone’s visibility and profile. Everyone who played on the sessions would have a credit and an indexed search. It would be a good starting point for people looking to hire musicians, because of the ability to listen and preview the style of music they are looking for.

3: Mentoring and teaching younger musicians is important in order to keep the musical culture going, we must pass on our knowledge and passion to a younger generation. They need to learn from more experienced players. Providing a place for lessons, access to instruments and a listening space, would be a great start for any youngster interested in being a musician. It would give them a place to showcase their talents and give them access to the public in a place that would be nurturing. 

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