This page will feature some of the mixes i am currently working on.  I will give information on the players and how the session happened.

Funkin GBmix7 One of the jams  recorded on 1-5-17 With Omar Alui – Guitar,  Eddie Mathews – Bass,  Myles Bramble – Drums, Niles Webster – Keys  I asked Omar if he had a groove, he nodded and starteed it, the others joined in. You can hear the formulation of ideas as they were playing it for the first time together.  Check out the riff from Nyles on the turn around.  This was just one take recorded as is.

Dont Look Any Further recorded in 2010.  This is one the first Jams i did in the studio.  Joe – Guitar, Marcus Seabrook – Bass and Rhythm Guitar, Emmit – Drums.  I wanted to try and old R&B song in a Reggae style, Joe laid down some funky licks. This was one take recorded as is,  I may revisit this project, i have not heard this song done that way, i want to do it Rude Boy style.

Kristina – Availible Kristina came into the studio to record a demo for her church. This is a cover of a popular gospel song.


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